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Malady Lotion

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Malady Lotion – Cannabis Infused Pain Relief Cream


Product Description

Pain Relaxation Lotion

Malady Lotion is our cannabis infused topical cream. Use it for localized pain relief, inflammation, tension, soreness, headaches, itching, as well as many other uses. Great to keep in your medicine cabinet at home and your car for travel. Comes in an 80 ml bottle.


Ingredients: 3 grams CannaManna™ Cannabis Oil

1 review for Malady Lotion

  1. Doug MacLean

    I suffer from neck and should pain radiating down my arm into my elbow and wrist. I tried this product last night as I went to bed as it is at this time that the pain really becomes noticeable, and prevents me from getting a comfortable sleep.
    I rubbed the Malady lotion onto my shoulder, neck and arm and tried to get as comfortable as I could. After a while, maybe 20 minutes or so I did notice that the pain and discomfort were noticeably less then when I first laid down.
    I woke up this morning and the usual stiffness and soreness were noticeably less then most mornings. I applied a small amount of the lotion to my neck as this is the area that bothers me most throughout the day, and right now I am feeling very comfortable as I write this review and I will definitely be purchasing more of this product.
    I should say that it goes on easily and a little really does go a long way. It absorbs well into the skin so you don’t have a greasy mess to worry about staining clothing or bed sheets. While I just found this product I am impressed with the results it has delivered me so far absolutley.

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